Being Humble and Kind

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Being good, doing good for others, donating money, charity, being humble and kind - These are sone terms which we come across daily from movies, youtube streamers, in social media etc. 

1) Donating money, things, dresses etc. on auspicious religious days. 

This practice i have seen in many families. Depending on their religion, they do this and by doing so they expect some good things to happen to them in return. I am not against any religious practices and i dont want to disrespect any of those. But if you really want to do good for the people, for their benefit and wellbeing, all days are auspicious days. Just keep their well being, their benefit and donatae money or things etc. Please dont demand anything from our Creator that you wish this and that in your life, since you have done this much good or dontated this much money for charity. If possible, be anonymous in whatever good you try to do for others. 

2) Celebrating birthdays, anniversary etc. in an orphanage or an old age home. 

 Instititions like orphanage have children who are deprived of parental affection, support and care. As far as I am concerned, it is unethical for us to go as a family to an orphanage wering beautiful dresses and a huge cake and cutting it in front of those children and serving them. You see only one side of the picture Those children get a good meal, a tasty cake etc. Their longing for parents affection, their feelings to be as a part of a family will all manifest that day. They will become more sad and depressed that they dont have a family like this. So as I said before, if you want to do good for somebody, all days are auspicious days. If you feel you wish to do something for an orphanage, just visit the administrative section of that, ask what they need be it money or things etc, donate those and just walk off. 

3) Being kind to your elders, peers and public:

These days, anywhere i go I could see lots and lots of hate, envy, jealousy circulating around. Ego in workplace, looking down on your peers or your juniors, using your authority to put down people. If a person wrongs you or does something, you just wait for an opportunity to give it back to them. We are programmed. A person in a higher position such as a manager in a workplace must not give or behave close with with his workers or employees. He has to be strict and authoritative to get things done. There is no sense of safe and security among employees, co-workers and managers. A cleaner is afraid of his supervisor who in turn is afraid of his boss who in turn looks down on all of his employees. 

This kind of toxic inter-dependance among people is the cause of major psychological problems in the population. The employees or the workers are unable to open up on their problems,  be it in personal or professional life.  They are always stuck in a limbo. They have a sense of inhibition towards their superiors or managers. They cant tell to them or open up to them on their personal issues which has prevented them from meeting the deadline for their assignment or work submission. We are always taught not to bring personal problems to the workplace. Again we are programmed. What is his/her personal problems are so much that it threatens his/her survival? This may be one of the major answers why many of the suicides in the country have no cause to be found. The friends or the parents of the deceased will simply tell that the person was suffering from depression for a long time. He took his own life. 

Why is it so hard to be kind?

We are all growing up. We move up from being a student, to a teacher or an employee or become a CEO. And by that time we cross roads with ego, selfishness, hatred etc. Though you may have become successful in your life earning in millions in rupees why are you not happy?. 

The real success of a person is measured not by his money, accomplishments etc. Though they play a minor role, the real success is how many people wish that person out of happiness on seeing him, how many people wish him good health and life, how many people's life he has influenced and changed, how many people are grateful for him and finally how much he has contributed to the world without expecting anything in return. 

Become self-sufficient in your life. Believe in your passion and work towards it. Please dont think that, to be kind or to do good for others, you need to be rich or influencial etc. You just need one thing. A good heart. It is never too late for anything. 

In some scenarios, we are taught that being kind and humbe is a sign of weakness. We are told that we dont know what life is etc etc. Do not change in any way who you are or what you are for the sake of people around you or what they are doing to you. 

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